Arizona’s Hometown Radio Group!

Despite Satellite Radio, Social Networking, Internet-only Music Services and mp3 downloads, the best value in local advertising is community-invested local radio broadcasting like KPPV, KQNA and KDDL.

Wireless Digital Communication. Doesn’t that sound like the future? Well, that’s us. Local radio. With all the talk about printed media going electronic, WE’RE ALREADY THERE! Have been since the 1920’s!

Eco-friendly? You bet’cha. No tree will ever die for a radio broadcast.

Reach? Thanks to the Internet, our stations can be heard ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. We’ve got the e-mails to prove it.

Production Costs? ZERO. Radio and Internet Coupons. Great Combo!

Creativity? We have it. Not everybody does. You won’t hear lists of services, brand names, addresses, etc. in our ads. Don’t be boring!

Repetition. Hundreds of monthly exposures for very reasonable costs.

Flexibility. Once it’s printed, you can’t change it. Radio has the ability to move and change quickly. You need that in today’s environment.

We advertise too! Can you feel good about media that won’t?

Over 90% of Americans tune in to local radio everyday. You just have to be there everyday to greet them with messages (PLURAL) they need to hear.

After 25 years, we’ve learned plenty about what consumers want to hear. Want to know what the next marketing trends are? Give us a chance and you’ll see why we should be your advertising partner.

FINALLY, local means the owners live here, own property here, pay taxes here and care deeply about our communities. We QUALIFY. Many don’t!


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